How to look younger at 50

As we become more mature and shift into our 50s, the appearance of the skin usually changes. This is mainly due to collagen, a key polypeptide that is present in all connective tissue, including the skin, which promotes skin health, among others. However, as women enter menopause, collagen levels plummet, leaving the skin less firm and much thinner. The skin begins to become more porous, drier, and less effective.

Sagging (caused by an age-related process that gradually shrinks the bones in the skull) and a drop of antioxidant levels (vital for repairing and protecting the skin) are also among the common skin issues women face at around their 50s. Does this mean that you can say farewell to youthful skin after 50’s? – Absolutely not!
In fact, in this article, you will find many tips for looking great and younger in your fifties plus practical ways for looking glamorous and elegant at 50 without surgery!

How to Have a Youthful Skin at 50

Below are 6 golden rules to help your skin slip into a fresher version of itself when walking the glorious and utterly magnificent fifth (or sixth or seventh or eighth!) decade of your life.

Rule #1: Stick to Skincare
Face creams and moisturizers can have a great line-softening and plumping effect on the skin. They may not deliver the results of, say, Botox or a filler, but, in reality, skincare and fillers have little in common. They are not comparable as each one does a different thing, with fillers helping to achieve a more dramatic yet temporary (and merely visual) effect while skincare revitalizes the skin from within.

Note: Not all skin conditions are the same at 50+. Indeed, the skin becomes drier at 50-something, but there are exceptions to this rule, especially if you have combination skin (even oily). In this case, there is no need to force yourself to use richer and more hydrating moisturizers created to address the needs of 50+ ages. It is best to simply adjust skincare to your particular skin condition and type for best results instead of following general rules just because you hit 50.

Rule #2: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
The younger we are, the more frequently the skin turns over, creating new skin cells (around every 6-8 weeks when we are young). This process gradually slows down as we age, which leaves the dead skin cells on the upper layer to accumulate on the surface and make the skin feel rougher in texture and look more wrinkled and much drier. Exfoliating the skin will help remove those dead skin cells and reveal the healthy skin below. Add exfoliation to your skincare ritual a couple of times a week for a smoother, glowing complexion. And, if you wish to make your own exfoliating scrub, you can combine milk, honey, and baking soda!

Rule #3: Choose the Ingredients Wisely
Skin experts and dermatologists recommend fighting the reduction of collagen with a collagen-rich product (supplement or cream) and some form of vitamin A (to help induce collagen production and repair sun damage) in the evening (i.e., retinaldehyde or retinol cream) every now and then while starting the day with antioxidants. To make them even more effective, consider topping your antioxidants with a vitamin C-enriched serum.

Rule #4: Make a Transition to Oil Formulas
Oil-based products are not only packed with antioxidants but also nourish and soothe the skin. Plus, you may customize them to suit your specific needs and skip the heavier face creams. For instance, you may use just a few drops of an oil cleanser or cream and massage your mouth lines, nose, and forehead lines with it. Or add a couple of drops to your moisturizer to boost its effectiveness.

Rule #5: Don’t Forget the Lips and Eyes
Among the top tips for looking good at 50 is never to let your eyes and lips give away your age (see aging signs). Invest in a good eye cream that is usually loaded with active ingredients that target the under-eye area and contribute to the reduction of bags. They also help improve circulation, giving a fresher look to the eyes. The great thing about eye creams is that you can also apply them around the lips and help hydrate the drier and thinner skin of that area.

Rule #6: Don’t Let the Sun Damage Your Skin
There is so much you can do if you are wondering how to look good at 50 without going to extreme measures. Using, for example, sun protection with at least SPF30, allows you to give your skin the care and protection it needs against UV-rays, which reduce collagen synthesis and increase collagen breakdown. Just ensure you apply sunscreen every single day, irrespective of the season or the weather conditions. Note than only 15-20 minutes under the sun without sun protection can drop the status of your vitamin C levels considerably. Besides, if you are using a retinol-rich face cream, you may experience some sun sensitivity issues unless you top it with a sunscreen product.


How to Look Younger at 50 via Lifestyle Changes

Besides following the tips mentioned above for a more youthful skin at 50, there are lifestyle changes that can also give you the much-desired younger-looking looks. A balanced diet and getting enough sleep and water are more than enough to give your skin the boost it needs to stay healthy and refreshed. Add plenty of veggies and fruits to your diet, reduce your sugar intake as much as possible (research has shown that it creates inflammation and ages the skin), engage in some regular exercise, and find friends that make you laugh! It has been found that laughter (and having the right people on your side in general) makes us more likely to engage in healthy behaviors. That aside, being surrounded by good friends and loving people enables us to love our aging body and be true to ourselves!

Finding a way to deal with stress is also critical. If you are experiencing a stressful situation for more than a few weeks, your body is forced to increase the production of cortisol to help you fight the stressor. This directly affects the building block of new, regenerated skin – collagen. Plus, the skin looks wrinkled due to the loss of water from the upper skin layers. Studies have evidenced that 10-15 minutes of walking in nature, breathing techniques, meditation, or active relaxation can reverse all this situation and help get plumper, more youthful-looking skin.


Looking Good at 50 Without Surgery

A big portion of the women population would hesitate to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon to turn back time a decade or so. Be it the risk of complications, the cost, the scars, the fear of anesthesia, or for whatever other reason, having a facelift or fat injections is not on every woman’s wish list. Luckily, there are much softer approaches to fight wrinkles besides Botox.

Remember that the skin can show ruthless signs of aging due to:

● Intrinsic aging – It is the biological process that takes place in the skin and involves hormonal changes (i.e., the reduction of estrogen) which make the skin less plump, drier, and more susceptible to wrinkles, sunspots, and UV damage.

● Extrinsic aging – It refers to exposure to free radicals that damage the tissue of the skin or other environmental factors which affect how we age. Smoke and pollution also play a vital role in the way the skin ages.

And, although the genes indeed determine how quickly the skin ages, there are several things you can do.


How to look younger at 50 without surgery and slow down the aging process?

Here are some ideas:

● Crow’s feet – Quit smoking will instantly stop some 40,000+ toxins from being deposited into the cells of your skin, causing you to look much older than you really are (see lines around the mouth and eyes).

● Sagging cheeks – The face muscles can be exercised just like any other body muscles. The more you use them, the less prone to sagging they become. Some skin-friendly allies are essential fatty acids and protein (i.e., seeds, eggs, oily fish, etc.) as they help protect the skin and do not starve it of amino acids and other compounds the skin needs to look firmer and plumper from the inside out. You can find a wealth of facial exercises to help build up any sagging muscles of the face online.

● Dropping brow – You can lift the outer corners of the brow with cosmetic acupuncture, which is believed to have drastic effects on getting more radiant skin. This is because cosmetic acupuncture tones different facial muscles and helps fill wrinkles by stimulating the cells of the skin to deposit new collagen under the wrinkles. Just make sure you go to a reputed professional to have your eyebrow threading procedure so that your brows do not end up too thin or too arched.

● Broken capillaries and thread veins – Non-surgical treatments such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) can help remove red discolorations (i.e., rosacea and thread veins) and sunlight-induced pigmentation spots. To prevent the formation of broken capillaries and thread veins on the cheeks and above the nostrils, you can consider reducing your alcohol intake as it is linked to causing both issues.

● Uneven skin tone – Facial massages, even facial yoga techniques, can give your skin an ultra-appealing inside-out glow and improve skin tone. Facial massages stimulate the skin and restore its vibrancy significantly. You may use your regular face cleanser, or a few drops of an oil-based product (if your skin is too dry) as a lubricant for the massage. Then, continue with your night cream. If used for at least three months, rose hip oil is found to have a profound effect on reducing skin hyper pigmentation and fine lines!


How to Look Good at 50 – Final Thoughts

All in all, it requires some effort to prevent signs of aging from showing on your face and skin, as you’re entering your 50s. From lifestyle changes and adopting a skincare routine that allows you to get a radiant, smooth, and youthful-looking skin to non-invasive procedures that will help boost collagen production and protect the skin against aging factors, you definitely have a lot of anti aging weapons in your arsenal.